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Commercial duct cleaning
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Importance of Duct Cleaning

Dangers of not having your ventilation ducts cleaned regularly

Possibly the most ignored danger of leaving your ventilation uncleaned is contagion. It has been reported in the news several times that Legionnaires disease has been transmitted throughout a building by neglected central air conditioning systems. It is also a contributory factor in spreading MRSA in hospitals. The temperature and humidity levels within ventilation ducts combined with accumulated dust and debris found in air conditioning ductwork provides the ideal environment for bacteria and viruses to growth and spread. This would also apply to any workplace with an air conditioning system transmitting colds and flu, playing an important part in

In a similar way, infections such as flu and the common cold will spread throughout the workplace if systems are not maintained and cleaned, in a situation referred to as 'sick-building syndrome.

An annual thorough clean of ventilation ductwork will prevent the buildup of debris and detritus in an air conditioning system, removing the conditions under which contagions can flourish. Bristol duct cleaning specialists ED Ventilation can offer you advice about whether your ductwork needs cleaning, and how often.

Other issues of duct cleaning   Legal obligations

- Fire Hazard
- Vermin & Pests
- Allergies


- Health & Safety Regulations

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