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Not having your air ducts thoroughly cleaned isn't just to stop those nasty smells coming from your air ducts and vents. It is also an important aspect of ensuring cleanliness, especially in kitchens, hospitality and other catering environment. On top of this it reduces the chance of fire. Grease and dirt sucked into vents of an extraction or air conditioning system forms deposits on the inner walls of the ducts. Grease and fat are especially problematic, as they pose a fire risk as well as trapping further dust and debris. This can make an ideal home for bacteria or viruses which are then given the opportunity to spread around the building. As well as these danges, dust that has built up inside air conditioning system can blow from the ducts at random and cause a significant problem for anyone who suffers from alergies. Although there are regulations and legislation that govern the expected level of cleanliness in air ducts, especially within commercial properties, it is also a matter of insurance. This means that it is not just an aspect of health and safety rules, but a long term cost saving exercise. Here at ED Ventilation, our vent cleaning service is comprehensive and leaves you with sparkling and pristine ducts that will resist further deposits of dirt building up for some time.

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