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Kitchen Convenience Cleaning - Cardiff

As a commercial business operator, I am sure you are aware of the many rules and regulations which require your attention. These include the Health and Safety Welfare regulations brought in to place in 1992. As you should already know, these regulations are to confirm that owners and managers of buildings with enclosed areas are ventilated with fresh air.

Are you looking for a regular kitchen extractor cleaning service at your convenience? We aim to work around your working hours, so minimal disturbance is caused for your business. Do you need a company who will be available at a time to suit your business? Our working hours often start just as your's finish, so we will be available after your kitchen has closed, and will be finished before it re-opens, allowing your business to keep running.

Our staff make sure your kitchen is cleaned thoroughly, with care and diligence, ensuring they are able to complete all kitchen extractor cleaning on time for when your business re-opens, leaving your business, cleaned and ready to use.

To have a free survey or written quote for ventilation cleaning in Cardiff, please contact E&D Ventilation now on 0845 0041 552 or use our enquiry form for a quick response.

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To have a free survey or written quote for duct cleaning in Cardiff, please contact E&D Ventilation now on 0845 0041 552 or use our enquiry form for a quick response.
Call us on: 0845 0041 552
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