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Commercial kitchen duct cleaning Commercial kitchen duct cleaning Commercial kitchen duct cleaning
Commercial vent cleaning
Commercial duct cleaning
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kitchen Deep Cleaning in Cardiff

Kitchen Deep Cleans

Commercial kitchen extractors are in constant use, and require regular cleans. Every area in which food is processed and prepared must be kept free from bacteria at all times, to help ensure a healthy cleanliness is maintained. sometimes even a highly meticulous cleaning regime is not enough to keep a commercial kitchen spotless and free from bacteria.

Your kitchen needs a regular cleaning program and it is good practice to maintain a program which allows your kitchen to be cleaned by our professional team who will clean your kitchen thoroughly, ensuring all bacteria is kept to a minimum.

Our cleaning service ensures in your kitchen that every surface, every piece of equipment and every appliance in your kitchen is completely cleansed. We cover the cleanliness of your kitchen floors, walls, ceilings, beneath and behind appliances, cookers, grills, ovens, fryers, fridges and more. If we feel it is necessary, we will also dismantle the body of an appliance to allow any lodged dirt and grim on your appliances is totally removed.

"A deep clean will ensure that your kitchen remains a clean place to prepare food and has a reduced risk of dirt and debre related restaurant fires."

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