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Commercial Duct Cleaning
Commercial Vent Cleaning
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Commercial kitchen duct cleaning Commercial kitchen duct cleaning Commercial kitchen duct cleaning
Commercial vent cleaning
Commercial duct cleaning
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Importance of Duct Cleaning

Mould and fungus

Warm and humid conditions can be a perfect breading ground for moulds and fungi, although this is usually indicative of a more serious problem elsewhere in the building. If the building has experienced mould growth it would be recommended that you have the ducts inspected at least to ensure that they are not affected. As large parts of the ductwork will be unavailable for inspection, you would need to get an expert in to check. Here at ED Ventilation, we have the necessary tools and expertise to conduct a thorough inspection of you entire ventilation or extraction system.

There are various species of mould capable of living on the metal walls of ducting, ranging from the benign to the dangerous. Many moulds are simply unattractive, but they do pose a risk to future problems with vent systems, especially as they will act as magnets, catching dust, dirt and other debris.

Mould and fungus can be the cause of health problems, especially in those with allergies or breathing conditions (such as asthma). Promptly dealing with these problems as soon as they become apparent can prevent the moulds and fungi from spreading and ensures that the cleaning can be accomplished without any complication.

Other issues of duct cleaning   Legal obligations

- Fire Hazard
- Vermin & Pests


- Health & Safety Regulations

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