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Air ducts are one of those things that most businesses completely ignore until something goes wrong. Out of sight, out of mind is the perfect phrase for this. The professional cleaning that ED Ventilation offer doesn't just get rid of those horrible smells that emanate from your air ducts but will also leave you with a healthier environment.

Fat and dirt is sucked into your ducts by air conditioning systems or extractor fans and ends up coating the inner walls. These ducts, coated with this flamable mixture present a fire risk, but also can harbour bacteria or viruses, which can then be spread around the building. Dust building up in air conditioning ducts is a problem for anyone who suffers from alergies.

Health and safety legislation dictates that building owners and employers are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of their staff and customers. While your air ducts are unlikely to be the subject of a snap inspection, leaving them until a problem develops is likely to land you in trouble not only with the HSE but your insurer would be unimpressed that you ignored a potential fire risk.

Here at ED Ventilation, we offer complete, professional air duct cleaning service, across Surrey and the entire South of England.

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Call us on: 0845 0041 552
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