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Commercial Duct Cleaning
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Duct Cleaning Exeter

Duct Cleaning - Exeter
Devon based, Commercial Duct Cleaning specialists ED Ventilation offer a professional duct cleaning service throughout Devon and the SouthWest, leaving you with a safe environment and healthy atmosphere.

Kitchen fumes carry fat, grease, and moisture into the ducts which then serves to trap dust and dirt, which in turn provides the perfect surface for more grease and fat. All of this, sucked into your extraction system or air conditioning can become fire waiting to happen. As well as this it can make your vents the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. These are then spread around the building by the ducts. Business owners are expected to take responsibility for ensuring the safety and well-being of employees and staff, so ignoring the state of your air ducts could land you in hot water should it be discovered that they are a germ-ridden fire trap. Here at ED Ventilation, the premier Somerset duct cleaning service, we have a well-earned reputation for delivering an excellent, comprehensive, professional service, ensuring that your air ducts are safe and clean.

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Call us on: 0845 0041 552
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