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Commercial Duct Cleaning
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Duct Cleaning Maidenhead
Duct Cleaning

Fire Hazard

Working across Berkshire and Devon, Commercial Duct Cleaning specialists ED Ventilation are experts in ensuring that your ducts are in sparkling condition and providing you with a fresh, healthy atmosphere.

Your air ducts should be professionally cleaned, it doesn't just result in a lack of horrible smells emanating from your air ducts and vents, but it also provides you with a healthier and safer environment.

Dirt and debris collects in your ducts, which is excerbated if grease and fumes are extracted through the system as this forms deposits on the walls that dust clinges to. Dust is particularly problematic in air conditioning systems as it not only poses a significant fire risk, but can form an ideal home for bacteria and viruses. These can then be spread around the building. Dust problems air conditioning ducts needs to be cleaned or it can cause problems for people with allergies.

If you disregard the cleanliness of your air ducts, you will find that you may end up violating the terms of your insurance, as you must take responsibility to take all reasonable actions in preventing fire.

Here at ED Ventilation, we are the premier service for Berkshire Duct Cleaning. We offer a complete, comprehensive, and always professional service, ensuring that your air ducts are pristine.
Duct Cleaning Maidenhead
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